Stride Toward the Future

KF-STRIDE is a program designed to help individuals, particularly young adults, develop strategies for understanding their personal strengths, and expressing them to others in order to achieve their goals.

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The Challenge

Job interviews are tough. But they can be especially difficult for neurodiverse individuals who have social anxiety and communication styles that may make it difficult to “sell” oneself to another person. We also know that the neurodiverse community (including individuals on the autism spectrum) is at risk of critically high levels of unemployment. Therefore, it is critical to address obstacles that stop neurodiverse individuals from getting employed.

The Challenge

Starting with Strengths

Neurodiverse youth can suffer from severe low self-esteem. Unfortunately, many treatments can focus on trying to fix what an individual is doing wrong, without teaching someone what they are doing right. The KF-STRIDE training program does the opposite. We start with strengths to empower youth to recognize what skills and talents they bring to a place of employment.

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Into The Interview

The first step in getting a job is impressing your future employer. But how do you do that? KF-STRIDE Into the Interview is a 10-lesson program to help you succeed in job interviews. With the skills you’ll learn in this program, you’ll gain confidence in talking about yourself to an interviewer.

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Team of Experts

Guided by the Neurodiverse community

KF-STRIDE’s creator is neuroscientist and mother of a neurodiverse young adult, and KF-STRIDE is developed in partnership with neurodiverse adults, their families, educators and clinicians.

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Our Research To Date

Our results show that KF-STRIDE is effective in improving job interview skills and employment outcomes.

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Our Partners

We are proud and honored to partner with these amazing institutions who have either helped us develop KF-STRIDE or are currently using it with their clients.

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