Kessler Foundation Strength Identification and Expression (KF-STRIDE) is a set of tools that help individuals understand their own unique strengths, and then learn to cultivate them in their daily life. Whether you need help getting a job, being a better parent, or just lifting your mood, KF-STRIDE can teach you easy strategies to begin to recognize how to use your strengths to improve your life.

Each KF-STRIDE tool (KF-STRIDE Into the Interview, KF-STRIDE Into Work, KF-STRIDE into Parenting) has it’s own set of lessons. Some of these can be done alone or with a friend, teacher, parent or coach. If you have any questions about the program, or how you can use it, please contact Dr. Helen Genova (hgenova@kesslerfoundation.org)

Meet the Team

scott the strength spotter cartoon male character with brown hair and a magnifying glass

Scott the Strengths Spotter

Scott is your go to guide for all things strengths. He will help teach you about your own character strengths, how to use those strengths, and so much more! You will get to know Scott as you “stride” through your lessons!

Dr. Helen Genova

Dr. Genova is the Creator and Developer of the KF-STRIDE program, she is
also a Co-Animator. Her top 3 strengths are 1. Love 2. Creativity 3. Social Intelligence


Mikayla is the Lead Animator and Creative Assistant. Her top 3 strengths
are 1. Love 2. Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence 3. Humor


Mike is the Content Editor and Sounding Board. His top 3 strengths are
1. Kindness 2. Social Intelligence 3. Prudence


Ralph is the man behind the magic! He is the Voice Character of Scott and the Sound Engineer. His top 3 strengths are 1. Humor 2. Creativity 3. Judgement


Xavier is the Voice Character for our advertisements and the Intervention
Tester. His top 3 strengths are 1. Honesty 2. Humor 3. Gratitude


Anthony is the Music Composer and the Voice Character for the teenager.
His top 3 strengths are 1. Spirituality 2. Creativity 3. Forgiveness